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Wanted to Post to Certain Websites...!!!

I bought lists to post and List is so big with some millions of domains and its pages.
I found lot of domains are spammy.
So I made a list of some websites of out the very same list which are good to post.
So, I want to upload the big list, and wanted to post to only to the domains I filtered out of the list.

I tried to add Must have domain filter like below. But It did not work.

Is there any option or way that you guys suggest.

Usually Must have domain filter is like this. But filtered domains does have dot in front. So I tried like below.

Usual: D:!.edu !.education

I tried : D:! !


  • Have you tried the "import target urls" option? Right click on your projects and you'll see the option. You should also disable the use of folders for site lists on all your projects.
  • I tried import target Urls option. But was unable to have only the domains i wanted.

    ''You should also disable the use of folders for the site lists"  - How can i do that..?
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
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    Untick the box to disable use of folders. This will prevent projects from using link sources in the site lists in these folders.

    Import target urls will do what it says. If you have a pre-filtered list and use this option, it will run that list of sites only. The default sites will also run if you have the engines selected.

    Also, if this is a purchased list, how do you know which of those sites work? Because I can guarantee you that there will be lots of non working sites in that list you purchased.
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    Yes. Thanks for that. There are lot sites which are not working. But filtering them is not easy task.I just let them go since it has some hundreds of sites in it to post which are working fine as well....But My concern is...I  want only 10 domains to post every day, But GSA can post up to 20 to 30 backlinks on each site. So, Totally 10*30=300 maximum. I don't know how to achieve it,  since List has some hundreds websites in it. controlling it by number of domains and number of links on each domain is what giving me real tough task.
  • Firstly, why are you trying to limit the speed of the software? Is this because of something you read somewhere? Some white hat seo spreading their google spiel?

    I would suggest making a clean verified list first with just working sites. Otherwise in 5 years from now you still won't rank for anything. If your vpm is 0.49, it will literally take you 5 years. It takes me 6 weeks with vpm of 400. This means with a vpm of 0.49, it will take you 800 times longer to rank for something. What is 800 x 6 weeks? That's how long it will take you. lol

    Other settings to play with are these:

    That's how you control the number of links a particular url will get each day. Play with the options as you can flick between submissions/verified as well as put delay settings and choose per url options as well.
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