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How do I delete the backlink after it is created ?

I accidentally added the wrong URL and anchor text in the GSA ser campaign now. I want to delete the created backlink. is it possible?


  • cherubcherub
    You can change the project status to 'Active (Remove Links)' via right click > Set Status. Personally I'd just rebuild the campaign and start again.
  • yea, I tried that option active remove links. But didn't seem to do anything. So, I just manually deleted the verified links with the wrong URL, added the correct URL, and also deleted all submitted links. 

    my T2 was configured to start after 2 days so nothing had been run anyways. so, I guess that should do the trick. 

    Do let me know if this is enough or I have missed something. It has now been running for two hours and all the new verified links are correct. But happy to get get more suggestion from you.
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