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Selected Main Anchor For Article

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited January 2022 in Feature Requests
Hi, Sven. :)

I would like to know if there could be a toggle for [X] Replace Main KWs in Article Manager.

I only say this because I am having this issue:

OK,,,in the past, I'd make some spintax article and leave the main Anchors unspun, so there is an instance of each main KW in the article. But I started spinning these. So I wanted to know if we can have a check for OTHER Anchors than the Anchor selected that will be replaced in our text.

[X] Replace Main Anchor instances only
[X] Replace Main Anchor, then second check of [X] P [X] Sec {X] Brand [ ] LSI


IF there is no match on the specific Anchor SER has presently selected randomly from the bunch of main anchors, SER can then check if there is a match to other MAIN Anchors, and if the second choice is selected, can check for even LSI, etc., to replace.

"We ate the red tomato. "  This is what spintax has randomly produced. So, then SER inserts an anchor "tomato that's red"

I end up with results like  "We ate the red tomato that's red."

 if my Anchors are "red tomato" and "tomato that's red".

I know I can just NOT spin these and try leaving an instance of each main anchor....

but I feel this may be important because it ruins otherwise readable sentences containing the main anchor.

Maybe even options for using will improve readability for SER users to have more control with this!

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