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problem about private proxies

Hi, everyone 
I have some problems about testing the proxies on GSA ranker. When I try to test my new private proxies from google (search) , it always show errors like my screenshort . But if I test it from google (translate) .It shows everything fine . Is that problem about the proxies or my connection. Even I use the proxies on other seo tools. It still shows the error.


  • SvenSven
    It usually points to a problem that your proxies are banned on google search.
  • Hi Sven
      Can you recommend some proxies service for me ? I asked my proxies service . He told me the proxies work on searching on google . And I bought proxies from differnt services. All of them showed the same problem when I tested on GSA ranker . 
  • SvenSven
    if you want, share your proxy in private message and I debug it.
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  • It seems work when using my gsa list . But it doesn't work when I check the index.
  • SvenSven
    Sorry but what does this has to do with the proxies now?
  • odinotodinot Earth's inner core
    myj111 said:
    It seems work when using my gsa list . But it doesn't work when I check the index.

    Maybe it's banned by Google. When you are using a list. Everything works fine cause you are not scraping. Try not to scrape for a while 30minutes to an hour and then test the proxies see if it passes Google Test. If it does then it's probably due to scraping. You need to slow it down.

    Maybe you want to separate your proxies for scraping and building links. Or try to use hRefer/ScrapeBox for scraping links and then feed them into GSA PI to continue building your own list. Scraping Google is way expensive, maybe you want to limit to Bing or other SE. Or try shaunmarrs technique of link extractions.

    As for proxies, maybe you wanted to try OculusProxies or IPRoyal(requires verification after sometimes especially if you started hitting bitninja sites and they sent abuse email to the provider).

    If you find a better service, please do share them too. I am actively looking for it too.
    Thanked by 1myj111
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