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Looking for a PAA scraper

Hi @Sven ,
do any of your tools, by any chance, do PAA (People Also Ask questions) scraping?
I've found an extension of Chrome called Seo Minion that can do it, but for a limited amount of PAA and also for 1 keyword at a time, but I need a tool that can scrape PAA from a list of keywords, not just one.

Just wonder if it can be a new feature of one of your tools, or if it's already included on them.



  • SvenSven
    GSA Keyword Research -> new project-> ADD-> Scrape Online -> Select google questions and quora which grap questions.

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  • edited January 2022
    From that image I can see that the source is Quora, but I mean the "People Also Ask" Google rich snippet feature that appear in the top of search results. So the source is only Google
  • SvenSven
    you have that also. There are many scrapers to choose from "Google Questions" is what you need.
  • Ah ok! Good!
    I just tried to download the free trial of GSA Keyword Research, but I discovered that I already used the free trial some years ago (but later I didn't purchase it because I already have a similar tool, Long Tail Pro). I suppose is not possible to try a second time this tool, right? Just to see if it's the tool I'm looking for
  • SvenSven
    Im sorry, but thats impossible now. You can try installing it on a new system.
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