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GSA SER [ ] 000/000 [Page END] message display

After setting up my gsa ser on my vps add proxies, everything looks good then on firing it up, no link was created, summit or verify for almost 2 hours up till now nothing happen, on the app message section below the this message display continously [ ] 000/000 [Page END] until you stop the project, please I need help.


  • odinotodinot Earth's inner core
    Are you using premium/approve list? If yes, did you set it to the global site list and enable it to pull from global site list for your project?

    If you are not using premium/approved list. Did you check the search engines you would like to use to scrape those footprints?

    We need more information, maybe some screenshots
  • Thanks for your help, I follow the procedure and now is working just fine!
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