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[Help Disable] wait X seconds to not spam

odinotodinot Earth's inner core
edited January 2022 in Need Help
Does anyone knows where to disable this particular option?
I only see "Custom time to wait between search queries".

I was reading a lot of old post regarding guides on GSA SER. But I couldn't find an image.
I have even tried the old post URL with wayback machine. It doesn't have any image. I tried looking around in SER but still couldn't find it.

Few senior members keeps talking about turning it off this feature to improve LPM. It makes sense since I am using loads of proxies too, I would like to turn it off. Right now it's showing up in my project logs.



  • SvenSven
    edited January 2022
    Thats nothing you can disable in options. It's a script based command and prevents sites to not accept your submission. I really don't suggest you to disable it. However, if you want to, search for this in the script files and set it to 0.
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