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GSA Ser project

Hi @Sven

I have two doubts with regard to project creation. What's the difference between the three new in the project creation.

second relates, to 2) Screenshot. I have created two projects and they are independent projects but somehow when I create them you can see, first, one is linked to the second one and I don't want that. I want them to be completely independent of each other. 

last one, How do I group multiple projects in big group. Somebody did the second one for me and I have no idea how.

Appreciate the help in advance.

Best Regards


  • SvenSven
    The difference in your 1. screenshot is the order really. A new project is created but the second option will prompt for a name, the other will take the url domain as name. A Tier project is a project that will take the verified urls from a main project and build links to it. So it is linked to a main one and also displayed as such in the main gui.
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