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Unable to import from seo content machine

Hi @Sven

I get this error as shown in the screenshot while importing using autofill from SEO content machine. Could you please let me know is it because I am doing something wrong or something isn't working between GSA and SCM as it should ? I basically, select tool, autofill - SEO content machine - import.

I would really appreciate your help :).

Best Regards


  • SvenSven
    Make sure the stuff you import is not just articles...if so, use the article manager -> add and import just the articles.
  • oh yea perfect, that helped. Thanks alot.
  • @sven, one last thing. When I Add content generated from SEO content machine as you requested. I get this popup what should I select ?

  • SvenSven
    edited January 2022
    If you have no spintax added to the article, then you might want to do that. But I would only do this if you have configured a service for that already.
  • ok, Thank you got it.
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