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Can GSA SER send verified links to GSA SEO Indexer ( real time ) at diffrent server?

I want to maximize threads only for GSA SER. So my plan is the first server just for GSA SER and CB. Then the second server for GSA SEO indexer. The easiest way to send verified links is using GD/dropbox, but it was not real-time. I want GSA SER to send it to the second server, and GSA indexer executes it in that time. Like Platform identifier, do monitor folder for scanning whether any new links updated. 


  • SvenSven
    edited January 2022
    Yes thats possible.
    All you have to do is simulate an indexing service inside GSA SEO Indexer.
    Then instead of sending links to GSA SEO Indexer, simply configure one of the simulated indexing services in SER + use the option to send links to one service only.
    Make sure your host file is redirecting domains properly to the configured SEO Indexer servers.

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  • Do You have any tutorial references for this @Sven ? Or anyone please help for elaborating
  • SvenSven
    Sorry no Tutorial, but it's really not that hard. You can orientate on the tutorial I made for GSA Captcha Breaker. That uses the same technique.
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  • Hi @Sven
    I have done setting at GSA SEO Indexer like this.

    I added an authorization login and random API. I clicked restart, and there was no notification, which means IIS, W3SVC, etc., was off.

    Then I did set at the host and GSA SER option : 

    I Choose Lindexed with port there.

    I added indexed with the same API key provided previously.
    Then I hit test indexer.

    It was shown like that.
    Any suggest?
  • SvenSven
    add also to your host file. And make sure the IP is listed there only, not the port.
    assuming that is your real external IP.
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