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How to Schedule Jobs and Empty the Memory

I have a major issue I want to understand, which is how to schedule different jobs to run one after the other, and empty the memory occupied by the completed job.

My contact list is getting larger and it takes time for all to deliver, and sometimes, the VPS just restarts (I dont know why). So I want to break my URL list inot parts and then schedule them in a queue to start one after the other.

Can someone here explain to me how to schedule projects so they run one after the other?

Another thing is the memory usage.
Is it possible to set them up such that when the first one finishes, it will empty/delete its memory and create more space for the next jobs in the queue?



  • looplineloopline
    I haven't paid a huge attention, and I could be wrong here, but I know Sven has used memory mapped files before, and unless Im mistaken he does something like that in website contact, based on the project and log files I see. 

    That said, "memory" as in RAM, should empty on its own as needed and shouldn't be that much anyway, because its a 32bit application so it should not be more then 2GB really.  there are hacks around it, and it may use more then 2GB total, but really its not a memory hog type of application if its using something like memory mapped files and only holding small chunks of data in memory, which I believe is the case. 

    That said, @Sven would have to say for sure. 

    On the scheduler tab in the projects. Just click that and place a check mark in the box that says
    "start another project when finished"

    Then choose the project you want to start from the drop down (it must already be created) and place a check mark in the box "send"

    and your done. 

    So lets pretend you have 5 projects, you name them 1 thru 5
    on project 1 you set it to do project 2 when project 1 finishes
    on project 2 you set it to do project 3 when project 2 finishes

    easy peasy, it works, I use it daily

    2 notes

    1 - on project 5, you can't set it to loop back to project 1, I mean you can but it won't.  When it finishes all the projects it won't go back and restart a project that has already run.  you must manually restart project 1.  (might be a setting here that controls this that I missed)

    2 - if you change the name of the project, like you rename project 2  from "2" to "project 2" and you need to go back into project 1 and the scheduler tab and select "project 2" from the drop down, it won't auto update.  At least not visually, it might still track on the back end and work, I didn't try.  I also didn't do a restart, so maybe it updates on a restart, but to be safe I just set it and then leave all project names the same.  If you care to test, go for it, I just need things to work so I just keep moving.
  • Great and thanks. I replied to your DM by the way, no follow up response
  • looplineloopline
    Im really bad about checking DMs here, because I almost never get any, so I never look
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