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How to move Gsa on VPS and some small things

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Hello, first i want to say congrulations to this software! Finally sven was setting some things for me and working fine, also if i not make money yet, but are my mistake, this soft works well. I am not say this just to receive a good answer of my question:))

So my question it's ho i can move the gsa on Vps serve? And can i keep it also on my pc, but to work with sometimes on vps and sometimes on my pc.
Never at the same time. Does anyone know a good vps service, and cheap?

And the last question, i need private proxies if i will go to use a vps server? Please help me guys, i will really appreciate


  • SvenSven

    Just make sure you never have two or more programs with the same license running at the same time, than it is no problem. For a good VPS I can always recommend the one that you get to when going in the options and click the link at the bottom. Thats a good and trusted VPS provider (else we wouldn't parter with them). There are others as well but you never know if they allow SEO tools or get you into trouble for something else.

  • Ok great, with this point i am in. And how about private proxies? Should i use them with vps, or will not needed?
  • SvenSven
    edited March 2013
    Proxies help to not get detected too soon by anti-spam traps and you can make use of the option to lower the wait time for search engine queries. Way more threads can be used than.
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