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What T1 SER Engines Do You Prefer To Use with SER Projects?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited January 2022 in Other / Mixed
I am really thinking about this.
Obviously, articles are good.
Why not user profiles?
But I think if you're trying to make it look more natural, exploits and even the Fast Indexer and Whois or Statistic types seem cool in this regard.
I'm just playing around, trying different stuff.
I see there's a infinite number of ways to do SEO. I guess there's also way more than one way to improve in the SERPs, and people use SER differently.
What about URL redirects?
I guess it's really a personal choice? Hmm..


  • if you are going to use gsa for T1 at least Filter Most of thing , First Run a test Project With Following 
    Choose Contextual Engine Only (i recommend) Low OBL, Filter Out Language chinese,japanese , and country too

    Then analyzed Those Backlinks With Ahref batch analyze ( 200 URL) per task 
    Then Filter Out LOW DR ( domain Rating) 

    Then You have Good Site List For T1 

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