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SEO Content Machine

I am using SEO Content Machine to generate Articles for GSA SER. How many articles should I create per T1 project ?


  • Its good To have Many Unique article as possible as Search engine not index Copy content. 

    If you have same niche You can use Many keywords , but if you use 10 Keyword that mean it search on google 10 time so if you use more than that you may get Block your ip on google. 

    when i use SECM  i am using about 10 keywords if i need many article , search Limit is 100 (that mean First 100 Urls Content will be  scrape for that keyword) 
    one keyword per article  is good , but if you use all keyword in article you will get bigger content ( normally i go with 1 kw per article)
    paragraph count low Then article word is 450-900 
    Then select Create Unique article When it select it will show How many article you will get per keyword

    article spin is default or you can use good spinner like word ai 

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