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Getting Reliable Proxies

Hi Sven - Thankyou for the Updates

I will try and create a Simple Tutorial, for people who are Struggling to get Proxies
I wont go into much detail, because this will be for "Educational Purposes" Only
The more people who respond, the more info and secrets I will put up.
I dont like people who Leech info and give nothing in return.
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  • SvenSven
    thanks, same view on things as I have ;)
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  • CPU Usage whilst testing with Version 3.51 vs 3.52

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  • Sven said:
    thanks, same view on things as I have ;)

    Your Welcome Sven :)
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    Im thinking that the average of the Graph I just Posted in the Newer version is Lower.
    Ignore the Spikes.

    Im going to Test The Scanner in a bit, with ...

    1.  30 Seconds Timeout
    2. No Proxy
    3. A known Good Range
    4. Every Type of proxy, ie 4's, 5's and Connects
    5. It could be that the ISP is Packet Filtering certain Ports, so I will try another ISP
    6. I have even managed to get it to work on Linux, so I will Test on that Platform also.
  • SvenSven
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    graphs look ok for me - how many threads did you use and have all been busy?
  • In this Case I used 200 Threads, but that's Rare
    I often use 500, but I do have a Fast internet connection

    After 1 couple of Tests I drill down to about 1200 - 1000 ms, depending on what use I have for my Proxies.
    I have a list I am building that have been working for over a Week now, that are very Fast and Reliable and Secure.
    The List I sent you are a few that have taken a lot of Work to get.

  • To Be fair, I have a Memory Manager that Kicks in, so the Spikes could have been the Manager
  • Thanks, Richievalens. Would love to have your tutorials and would be happy to contribute in any way I can.
  • Thankyou Amitseo

    I am off this week, so I can start to add some Tips, and would Love to see your Tricks and Tips.
    I have managed to get some reliable Proxies, that have been working for nearly 2 weeks now

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    1. Test Them
    2. Work out why they Work and are Reliable
    3. Post your Results of how you find them
    For this Thread to work, I want to see some Feedback.
    As I said Before, I hate leecher's otherwise I will start adding passwords to the Links, and send them only to people who Contribute

  • Remember - The more people that use them the worse they become.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Remember - The more people that use them the worse they become.
    How can we be respectful of public proxies? Not re-use the same proxy on a working search engine without a time delay? If so, what is the delay suggested? Is this proper etiquette? Or does that not matter? I've always thought it was better not to burn proxies if I could help it. Thank you! :smile:

    Also, now I see why if you scan for your own, you might be getting proxies that have a better lifespan, if you use them carefully...

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    Dont worry about that, this is a Test, I am not worried as I can always get High Quality Proxies Free.
    Proxies will always "Burn out"
    So what Results did you get on the ones I posted?

    From 0 - 10
    0 = Crap
    10 = Very High Quality
    Already I am seeing the ones I posted starting to Struggle

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas the time I read that it's OK to test, they were all already dead.  :(

    I re-tested a bunch of times, too.

    My rating for them, therefore, is zero. lol

    I also checked them all, in terms of WHOIS. Do not see any pattern.

    They're all over the place. I'm guessing these are randomly seeded proxies, and the server load was too heavy, and whomever operates the server mitigated the network load by disabling that active  port. You asked for guesses, No clue if I am anywhere near correct!

    Maybe these IP ranges are "hot" right now with proxies?
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  • 23 have downloaded that List, so that wont help
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    So, yeah, I guess proxies often start out at 10..or at least pretty high......and go to very low numbers or even 0 as people load up the server with traffic through the proxy.

    Also, SEOs probably scrape without delays and very quickly the SEs flag that IP. Even if each individual user scraped with a delay, if there are a lot of connections through the proxy that might not help. I guess the odds are the bigger SEs flag first, as more SEO ppl are trying to scrape Google, Yandex, etc.

    Probably both these happen waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy before the proxy shuts itself off/gets removed.
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