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Accessing service from a different computer in different network

I am trying to run GSA captcha breaker as web server from a windows server and access the service from other servers  (linux) over the internet but I am finding it difficult? please help


  • aflaldfaflaldf Sri lanka
    this is for connecting through the local network it seems but this also doesn't work for me, what if I want to connect over internet.
  • SvenSven
    No, it's working also from a remote server not on LAN. In the sample it uses as Interface so it's the external one.

  • aflaldfaflaldf Sri lanka
    Thanks Sven it worked. just had to add a rule in firewall

  • SvenSven
    maybe show how you did that so I can update the manual?
  • aflaldfaflaldf Sri lanka
    edited January 2022
    Go to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
    Select Inbound rules and add a New rule
    Select Rule type as 'Port' and click Next
    Select TCP for rule apply to option and add  the port you want to use in Specific ports. Click Next
    Select 'Allow the Connection' as the action.
    And continue to Finish to complete the rule. 
    Then access using the ip address of the server from other machines you can access GSA like
    Thanked by 1Sven
  • SvenSven
    thanks a lot. I have updated the manual.
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