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Very Low sent success rate

I reckon the SENT success rate for GSA Website contact is way too low compared to other similar software.

I used it to send to a URL list of 590k (I connected GSA Captcha Breaker Plus Death by Captcha subscription - though the subscription ran out along the way).
I got 60k successfully sent at the end

I ran the Failed list (about 520k) again using the same setup and got just 6k success before all my projects stopped.

I used the same URL list on another brand Contact Form submitter software (I also connected GSA Captcha Breaker WITHOUT death by captcha)
Still running, but at just 170k done, Already I have over 70k success and 100k failed.

Why is the success rate with GSA Website Contact so low? Very disheartening


  • SvenSven
    edited January 2
    1. Just name the competitor
    2. I don't know why it is low without further details. Are you using proxies, what kind or proxies, what filters, what error messages do you got....

    Please post screenshots of the settings or log lines (
  • 1. The competitor is bot
    2. I didn't use proxies on both instances (GSA and competitor)
    3. I didn't use any filters because I already scrapped and got the contact pages with Scrapebox. I only used GSA and the competitor to do Check and Send.
    4. I didn't get any error messages. For the first project, it finished the 500k URLs and also repeated the failed ones, before I got the total success
  • SvenSven
    So what is the majority of the status messages when submission was not done?
  • I didn't check the status messages (Maybe I will do that next when what I'm doing with another tool finishes.

    Another thing I observed is this:

    As I said earlier, I scrapped the contact pages with scrapebox and cleaned them as much as possible (removed dupes, removed nonURLs, removed URLs containing certain words, Kept URLs containing certain words like Contact and other variations of contact which I got from GSA)

    When I load the list of 850k URLs to GSA, the GSA software says it's 500k URLs.
    When I load the same list of URLs on the competitor software, it says the correct number of 850k
  • SvenSven vs. is counted as dupe
  • Sven said: vs. is counted as dupe
    No. As i stated, I had already removed duplicates with scrapebox. Anyways, that's not my main concern, I can live with that. I just wish the success rate of the delivery can be much higher as the other software
  • ok, I did another project, and here is the result.

    First, I split the IRL list into lists of 41,000 each.

    I used GSA to send to one list (with proxy from itself),
    Result = 970 success/ 37,000 failed/ 2,300 Filtered
    Finished within 10 hours at 33 threads (I set it to retry failed submissions)
    Most of the error is = Ready Failed No Contact-Form found

    I used the competitor tool (with proxy from Scrapebox)
    Result = 7,500 success/ 33,500 failed
    Finished within 3 hours at 33 threads

    As you can see, GSA is not just failing miserably, but it also takes far too much time to do the same job.
    I actually wish you can get this sorted
  • SvenSven
    it's the proxies that are the problem. public proxies are always a
  • Sven said:
    it's the proxies that are the problem. public proxies are always a
    Well, I also use public proxies with the other tool
    BTW, is there a way to use another proxy for GSA? I cant find how to ask GSA to always update Proxy from a txt or folder where I drop all my public generated proxies
  • dannynkemdannynkem London
    edited January 5
    This is really shameful. As experienced as I am. I am finding it difficult to be able to use external proxies.
    Almost all that I see is about proxy SOURCES and proxy FINDER.
    If one has a file populated with Private proxies or harvested public proxies from another software, adding it to GSA is not easy at all.

    I think the process of making GSA auto-pick own proxies from a folder/file should be simplified. If it's there, it's not user-friendly.
  • SvenSven
    You are doing it wrong then. If you have proxies that you want to add from a file in intervals as you are updating it, just follow the procedure abode. It's as easy as it can get.
    However maybe you are just interested in adding proxies from a file or clipboard and NOT want to update all the time. Then simply hit ADD and choose the appropriate submenu.
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