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Please Help Gsa Ranker is very slow ?

What should I do?
I've been using it for 2 years but it has slowed down in a way I don't understand.


  • I've noticed an issue with the cpu usage and it seems to be running a lot higher than normal. I've set it to reduce threads at 75% and as a result it is running at much lower threads than normal. I'm seeing about 40-50 threads in use when it normally runs at 300-500 threads. I'm averaging 40 vpm now due to the lower threads usage.

  • I've reverted back to a much older version 15.71 which is running nice and fast for me. It's the only old version I had saved.

    @Sven It seems both 15.79 and 15.80 have issues with high cpu and low threads usage. My vps installs have been running at 30-40 vpm and the threads count struggles to get over 100 threads.

    I switched them all back to 15.71 yesterday and the vpm is back up to 200 and I can see all 500 threads being used.
  • SvenSven
    well according to my changelog (which is very accurate) I can't stop anything that would slow things down really.
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