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Export / Account Data - sorted by Engines

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
When the exported Account Data are separated by Engines (e.g. Article Beach, Article MS, Dolphin, …) this will be a lot easier to multiple use them with other Tools.

Thanks much, Marc


  • SvenSven
    the program doesn't know what engine it is. If you have a look in the .static file, you will notice that just the domain + login data is saved there. Sorry.
  • Ok,maybe i miss-understood something:

    My verified URLs Window shows me the Engine. But me accounts are not associated with these URLs???

    How could SER know that SER has created an account already on a Domain/URL ???
  • SvenSven
    of course you can cross link these files somehow and get the engine name for the domain, but not for all as you also have account data in it for sites where a later submission was not successful.
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