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How to filter out false positive 301s?

googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
edited December 2021 in GSA URL Redirect PRO
Just testing the software out...very cool stuff!

Couple questions...

This is an example, and there are others...where there is at least one other redirect in the total chain going to the end domain, where at least one is a 302 ie breaking the chain of 301s and making it an invalid link for passing juice.

I ran a test domain thru the software using just the 301'filter by link type' option and got 546 results.

I wasn't going to manually check all those in wheregoes of course, so I ran them thru scrapeboxes redirect checker addon and got

493 301s
48 302's
1 303
3 oddball errors...2 of which look like good 301s when i manually check and the other is some weird 406 error

Some of the 301s have 2 jumps, most are just one, but are still all 301s so thats all good, but i noticed all of those 302s are 2 jumps i guess one of them in the chain being 302 and a couple of them have a whole bunch of jumps in them in the chain.

What's the most effecient way for me to sort these and only keep the total 301 enabled on a global permanent setting level? Thanks


  • SvenSven
    hmm I guess it's a bug then and I have to fix it...tagging every redirect to it's lowest type one in chain.
    Can you give me all the urls you found are incorrect in a private message for debugging?
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    cool, thanks, will send u a pm with those.

    decided to run a test last night with the full 2x recursive mode. im misunderstanding something i guess.

    i used one url..a homepage. and 9 keywords input like this blue widget, red widget, black widget, etc

    i had the 301 and 'link in url' boxes checked, none of the others

    That was about 8 hours running overnight..I just got up and was surprised to see the software still running.  In the 'type' section i saw a bunch of meta, refresh, a few 303, and an iframe along with some 301 so i figured i did something wrong..and it said "3704:37:23" so I hit abort

    The results that were there when i hit abort where mostly metas and the other oddballs mentioned above with some 301.

    And where it stopped it seemed to be building another tier of redirects to this specific redirect domain

    if i had let this finish would i have gotten all the tiers of all the redirects in the report from all the various domains? as i can only find whats currently in the software showing for this particular redirect domain?

    i manually checked on in wheregoes and it says its all a 301 but its showing a weird end result error as shown in the screenshot

    and if I load this output url into my browser it gives me an error "This page isn’t sent an invalid response."

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