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Link verification on SER

Wanted to highlight a scenario I just noted.

I have a main project and a tier-1 running off the verified list of the main project.

Lets say my main project has built and auto-verified 10 links, and my tier-1 has built 100 links pointing to this 10.

Now I manually verify the 10 links of the main project and find that 3 of the links have gone dead and I remove them.

Then I go to manually verify my 100 tier-1 links so I can
a) remove any dead links from this 100, and also
b) remove any link from this 100 that is live but points to a dead link on the main project (which I have already removed).

When I do this verification, it does point (a) as expected, but it does not seems to care about point (b).

Size of the problem therefore gets bigger and bigger as I do tier-2, tier-3 etc, as I have loads of links that are live but useless because they point to dead links in the upper layers.

Am I missing any setting on the verification screen?

The problem seems to exist for the main project also.

In this example, lets say my main project was running off 3 urls, and it had built 10 backlinks pointing to these 3.

Now I have removed 1 of the 3 urls as per my project plan, and then I have started to verify the 10 main project backlinks.

Upon verification, it has only removed 3 links that went dead, but did not remove the links pointing to the url that I have already removed from the project.

Has anyone observed this? Any setting to handle this?


  • SvenSven
    This is all covered when you turn on the reverification in project options.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Sven, I had been reading on messages on your boards, and a user seemed to be saying removal of lower tiers if higher tier links became inactive wasn't done automatically.  This was an old message, didn't think of it being relevant at the time, but now I am curious.

    Is this one of the many, many, many, many, .. improvements you've made over the years to SER?

    Or was that user simply unaware? Just curious.  Also, was the tier options popup always there? If so, I never noticed, or used, it! :neutral:
  • SvenSven
    I think as soon as ReVerification was an option in SER, I added support to also remove links where higher tiers would be broken.
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  • Thanks Sven, I will turn on ReVerification in project options.

    Is it possible to add the re-verification feature to the manual verification process as well? I am asking because that's where I was stuck with this. I am doing => Right-click on project->Show verified links-> Verify all/selected.

  • SvenSven
    Sorry but this is only available on project level when it runs. I can not add support for this in this dialog as a lot other checks need to be done.
  • Ok I see, I added at the project level and it is working fine.

    Thanks much as always for the great features at SER.
    Thanked by 1Deeeeeeee
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