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Retry setting

Hi Sven,
Would it be hard/possible to add a retry setting for Redirect pro and SEO indexer?

I use them from time to time to run a couple of URLs through them. Once they finish submitting and all checkboxes are unchecked, I simply close them. When I open them again, there are always a bunch of URLs asking to be submitted in the popup window.
I guess these are URLs that were processed but for some reason didn't get results.

Would it be possible to address this issue with a retry option?



  • SvenSven
    I have just checked the code and this is actually a bug. The queue is not saved at the end of operation but only in intervals. So if you quit before the interval for the next save is reached you end up with some entries in the list being checked still. I will fix  this on next update.
  • Oh, that explains a lot. OK, thanks!
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