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Unexplained Links Appearing in Articles

I have an issue with unexplained links appearing in Articles. 

We are uploading spun articles with ONE manually inserted link per article. All options to inject additional links are unchecked. Additional spinning via TBS, etc is not enabled. When testing, two links are appearing in the article. 

Any idea as to why that might be?


  • SvenSven
    SER will always add a link unless you disallow that in article manager or the link it wants to place is already present via a macro like %link% or %url% or by the URL itself.
    Maybe it's also an authority link? Please show a screenshot of your article manager settings.
  • HedonistHedonist Philippines
    I've managed to resolve it. The staff member I had doing it missed a setting. How to link should have been set to [No Change (No Link Add/Remove]. Thanks for responding so quickly. It is appreciated!
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