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GSA Ser generates backlinks but does not generate traffic on websites

Digite sua What could be happening? GSA SER generates backlinks, several, but it will not generate views or traffic on the websites. The program is normal. I also use SEO Indexer, Captcha Breaker, URL Redirect, Proxy Scraper, but I don't get functional results in the projects. And look, I've studied several tutorials and I've had the GSA since 2014, 2015.
Can anyone help me resolve this? It's really just what it takes to get everything working ok.    


  • If you want to get traffic and views from search engines, you need to rank your webpages for keywords that have actual search volumes.

    The backlnks themselves won't generate traffic. Maybe a little direct traffic from posts on forums or high traffic sites. But the point of building backlinks is to send signals to the search engines that your website is popular. More backlinks = more popular.

    Do you monitor your rankings in google for keywords?
    Are any of your target keywords positioned in the top 50 yet?
    Is your site connected to google search console and are you regularly reviewing your progress here and see which keywords your site ranks for?
    Do you put these new keywords into more GSA SER campaigns? 
    Do you build single tier campaigns or do you build tiers?
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