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Proxies For Solving ReCAPTCHA

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited November 2021 in Other / Off Topic
Hi. This is regarding using third-party software with GSA SER, such as CAPMonster and Xevil.

Both require proxies for use to solve ReCaptcha V 2, 3.

Any best practices for these modules with regard to proxy use?

How do I determine How many proxies  I need? Minimum pause before re-use of proxy?  Any good sources? I don't want to risk my pool of private proxies for this. So I am buying new ones, just wondering.

What's the policy regarding rotating proxy services and use with these modules?

Anyone who can help, it would be much-appreciated.  This is really holding me back and I am just unsure of how to proceed. Thanks!!

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