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Contact forms are being blocked by Microsoft Azure


I use private proxies, not blacklisted to send contact forms.

None are going through though because I see on that all the visits are from
Microsoft Azure and from no where else. I tried 2 differant proxy services, along with straight out sending from my own IP but the same thing keeps happening with no matter how many connections I use.
Have contacted Outlook gave them my ip and domain
and they they are not blocked (my websites are all clean ip and domains also.
Anyone else having this problem or suggest a fix? Much appreciated!


  • SvenSven
    you think that none of the sent contact form messages reaches there destination?
  • Not many at all. Not a lot of return confirm emails to the from address.
    Microsoft Azure kicked in somehow, and they sent me an email saying my ip and domain are not blocked.
    Puzzling. Do you think lowering from 100 connections to less may be an idea to try?

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