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gsa contact form submitter best practices for 2021?

edited November 2021 in GSA Website Contact
What's the best use practices for your contact form submitter in December 2021?  I tried it a few years ago (bought it) but it wasn't really working as well as Scrabebox.

How do you recommend I get emails for responses?  What's the recommended email setup/provider?

How many can 1 license send in 1 day approximately?

Can you give me the recommended proxies, emails, content, etc?

Is 2captach solving all Google captchas in 2021?


  • SvenSven
    You asked almost the stuff already by email so let me paste my answer here:

    The GSA Website Contact program does not use emails at all so there is no email setup or anything alike. All you have to do is configure the message and email you want to have a reply on as the software uses web forms to submit messages on the website contact form.

    The amount of messages that can be sent depends on too many things that I can't give you numbers here. It mainly is a question of sites you have (you can search them by keywords or import) and the network speed and amount of threads you want/can use.

    2captcha can solve every recaptcha and it is also my 1st choice these days. Other captcha services are listed here:
  • I need to know what the best way to receive the email responses from the contact forms without getting the email account shut down.  I have had my gmail account shutdown when contacting someone by a contact form.  I want to hear what people are doing that works.
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