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Can PI check for expired domains while its sorting for platforms?

There is a function in scrapebox called "Grab/check unregistered domains" that I find very handy.

Is there a similar option currently in gsa pi and if not, could there be?

My reasoning being...the sbox tool is very fast at going thru large lists of domains checking for expired ones available to register and use BUT I'd still rather not have separate tools going over the same lists regardless of how fast they are when were talking tens or hundreds of millions of domains over time.

I think scrapebox does a quick check against a whois database or I'm not really sure how they are checking. 

Could pi do the same thing while it is processing for cms identification for link targets?

Or could I add a custom footprint to search for...maybe "This site can’t be reached" and the various other expired domain default notifications?

It already spits out a separate text file of unrecognized'd be great if it also checked and spit out a separate text file of expired domains.



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