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Faster and Easier Workflow?


I am getting a little better with my GSA SER workflow all thanks to @sickseo and @Sven

lol.. from now on I am going to keep mentioning @sickseo lol jk :smiley:

Anyway... Is there a better way to manage or sort&export my verified links?

I usually go to each project and show verified urls and remove nofollow.... and etc.. so I can submit good urls to indexer...

I was hoping I can bulk do all projects like this...

show all verified urls...

remove unwanted urls then export...

and send to indexer (i manually create a text to send to thebestindexer)..



  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    lol @gh0stmichael Thanks!

    You can bulk select projects as in your example and show verified urls. It will work with any highlighted projects.

    Personally I don't spend time filtering any links before sending to indexer. I literally send every single link that's verified, regardless if it's do follow or not. It's very fiddly to do this filtering and really not necessary.

    I just select enough projects that are less than 100k links in total and export the verified to txt file.
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  • Once you're on the show verified links page, you can right click > select > do-follow to select all the dofollow links. Then just right click > export > selected.
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  • that is what I have been doing... i go to each project and show verified urls and right click to select...

    I did not know that you can select multiple projects... this is better... :)

  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    The only thing I make sure to check for before sending a link to an indexing service, or building tiers to it if there is a noindex tag or not. And that's generally done on the front end before I start using the site in the first place for anything beyond an initial test for verified links. dofollow/nofollow all get subbed...

    not subbing stuff like comments/guestbooks/etc obviously
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