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Consultant wanted - ready to pay

Hi Sven - or anyone else who knows what they are doing....

I have Xevil for captacha with the website contact tool, and I am contacting newspapers via their contact form. I get only 10% deliverability. Xevil only seems to work with one type of captcha. I spent quite some time with Xevil and GSA and I wasn't able to get them to test properly except for recaptcha. 

Would someone be interested in setting this up for me? 


  • SvenSven
    Thats something I have seen as well. It's on there latest beta where image captchas are no longer solved properly.
    We had a discussion about this before on this forum and if I remember correctly, it was XEvil blaming us for it not working. Though if you simulate it via "2captcha API with IP" it would be the same result where 2captcha would work perfectly. So much about there support.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited November 2021
    XEvil has been working quite nicely for me. I have different set ups with gsa ser. I realise you are using gsa website contact, but the captcha set up is the same in both tools. I'm using the server ip and xevil api key together.

    I have one instance set up on my dedi which is now a captcha solving server.

    I also have lots of cheap vps that are sending all captchas to the dedi server above using remote captcha solving, again with the remote server ip and xevil api key.

    Not much difference for me in solving rates. Statistically it looks quite good.

    If I change the "usage for captcha types" to just use "easy to solve" then it shows a very different picture and the stats for simple captchas runs at about 34% solve rate. The v2/v3 runs at over 90% success rate. It's like Sven said, it's giving wrong answers for simple captchas before it gives the correct one.

    I still see simple captchas being solved and i'm getting the links on sites protected with kcaptcha and other simple captchas. The communication test between the tools is showing as working successfully. So they do seem to be working for me.
  • Hmm. Only difference between your setup and mine is in the API key I just have GSA. Sven am I supposed to have an API key in here? 
  • SvenSven
    no, unless you have setup xevil to require it.
  • Ok maybe it was finger trouble. Now I see tests passing. I will rerun the contact shots without using the VA this time to see what happened.
  • Hmm Sven - looks like captchas being solved ok but GSA reporting mostly failures. On this run there were only 10 domains. 1 succeeded. 9 failed but in the background you can see OK against main of the Captchas:
  • SvenSven
    then please check the exact error message you get for that site.
  • Wow no contact forms found. Looks like 90% of newspapers are not form friendly! Thanks for your help. If it turns out not to be the case when we look at more of the data I will come back here, but for now it looks like problem identified.
  • ok I reran the tool on some pages which we verified did have forms but which failed before and there were a lot of   "waiting for Captcha Result, captcha not ready" or "no test captcha solver defined", but you can see in the screenshot that they finished pretty fast (top 5 or 6). 

    17 out of 18 fails.

  • Did you compare to 2captcha?  From what I know 2captcah is more expensive by a lot but will work.  With XEvil you need to have proxies, plus a fast enough computer.  If it's an important project try 2captcha and just pay for it.
  • YamiraanYamiraan Manchester
    where can i find apikey for Xevil in GSA Captcha setting?
  • Once you've generated your api key in xevil, then go to gsa ser and in options>captcha settings, add xevil as service. Then double click on that service and you'll see the options for configuring and adding your api key.
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