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67 links for 24 hours?

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Why SEO Indexer so slow?
SER adding handrens of links every day and SEO indexer is able to process only 67 links in 24 hours.
Not usesfull at all :(


  • SvenSven

    The program is as useful as you set it up. By default it is using about 4500+ sites to index a single URL. You can however set it for a fixed number of URLs and also change the number of threads to use (just 10 by default).

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - you have to love these type of posts. ;-) 
  • Set it up to deep link only at 40 threads + if you are building 2nd tier links don't bother to run T1s through indexer. I also only run do follows through indexer.
  • Thank you guys for replies, but where can I change the settings of the program?
    I can't find and no help file also :(

  • edited March 2013
    down arrow on right of red octagon with X in it.
  • Wow, thank you. Didn't notice it
  • Simple, just increase the amount of threads GSA indexer uses.

    I am having it do 200 threads and it goes lightening fast.

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