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possible new Target URLs from present accounts

I start again this thread because i don't understand why i have this message and GSA don't stop when there is no url to post. 
I read lot of posts on forum about this subject, but i don't know if i'm doing a mistake or not.
Can you help me please ?
Thank you very much.


  • SvenSven
    This happens if you use the option for scheduled posting (create xyz accounts/posts per site).
  • Hi sven, it's ok. thank you ;)
  • sorry i have an other question, but what does it mean about : possible new Target URLs from present accounts ? What does gsa wait for ? Regards
  • AliTabAliTab
    As Sven said, It's for scheduled posting which is mainly used for web 2.0 websites.
    It checks your previous built accounts and tries to make backlinks there again if possible.
    There are some other settings there, such as how many accounts can be created on each website and how many posts can be inserted into each of those accounts. You can even schedule your posting times.

  • Hello, ok, thank you i understand now. 
    Have a great day.
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