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Random URLs insertion into Articles

Hello Sven
let's imagine that we have 3 URLs and I want these 3 be inserted into my Article (each URL should be present once. Each of them has its own anchor text).
I have set the below settings. So, one URL will be picked by "Just a link at a random location" and then the 2 leftover URLs should be inserted by enabling "Insert up to 2 additional links from project".
The problem is that those 2 URLs are picked randomly. So, I probably will have 3 links which 2 of them are the same.
But I want All URLs (following with its anchor text) to be unique.

Also, "use a random URL from above on every submission" is unchecked.

I'm considering this as a bug but I may be wrong. Please correct me, If I'm doing sth wrong.

Best wishes


  • SvenSven
    Actually SER tries NOT to insert the same link again. It tries to get other links, not used and also inserts additional links not used unless you have the same URL added more than ones in the URL field.
  • AliTabAliTab
    Thank you @Sven
    I will send you my test case data (Related to my own written web 2.0) through PM.
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