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Gsa Ser and Scrapebox Backlink Speed

I'm pretty new to gsa ser. A few days ago I installed the trial version on my computer and started testing. The problem is that gsa ser is a somewhat complex program. I'm trying to learn, but when I run a comment link only for the list I've uploaded, there are many different links that are not in the list. So I'm not so sure about speed. Can someone give me a hint about backlink speeds of gsa and scrapebox?

I will use gsa ser and scrapebox for comment links only. How many comment links can I make on average per hour?


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited November 2021
    I can't speak for scrapebox. I have multiple licenses but these days I only use scrapebox for url management.

    Speed of GSA is dependent on the quality of the list and speed of vps/dedi server and proxy speed. I've achieved over 1000 vpm (1000 links per minute) consistently using a dedi server. And that's not just blog comments either, that's a whole lot of other backlink sources too.

    What I didn't like about scrapebox is that it gives you a lot of false verifications. "Success" usually means a comment was posted. But if you check those links, only a fraction will be live/visible whilst most are sitting in a spam moderation queue and will likely never become live links.

    With GSA, if it says the link is verified, then it will be verified and live.
  • rysioslaw2rysioslaw2
    GSA and Scrapebox is different. GSA try to find link to posting depends on engines you choose. Scrapebox posting only on links which you provide.
    Scrapebox is faster than GSA many times, but GSA make other links. When I use Scrapebox I scrape 2mln links from SE and try to posting. Only 1% is good backlinks. GSA make everything without my action and give me just ready backlinks, but GSA don't allowed me to help :(.
    I use both, Scrapebox since 2009 and each of them is useful for different tasks.

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