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Suddenly it is not creating single backlink

gitgit India
edited October 2021 in Need Help

I am running 8 old projects. Most of every weekend I am running those main projects. But this weekend it did not creating any single link. Due to this reason I created new fresh project and run my software but situation is same. All errors and did not create single link for new project too.

Following is log....


  • Your proxy looks dead.
  • gitgit India
    edited November 2021
    cherub said:
    Your proxy looks dead.


    Proxy looks dead or ser list is dead? I created ticket to both support. Should I need to try without proxy for testing?
  • Well you're getting a 400 error for most of those requests, which is a client-side error. Check a few of those urls manually and you'll see they exist. So either your proxy is dead or your connection is.
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