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GSA Website Contact - How to submit to single-field newsletter signup forms

edited October 2021 in GSA Website Contact

I want to submit just an email to the single-field newsletter sign up forms. You can see at the bottom of the below page.

How can I achieve this? Can I train GSA Website Contact to submit to this single field form?


  • SvenSven
    Right now it requires some <textarea> input to accept the page. But I guess I can try coding something that would ignore it and just accept that signup form as well as long as no message-field is defined in "submission-data" tab.
    If that would be something to work for you, I can try adding support for this.
  • Yes, that would be great if you can code this up. That sounds like a nice tweak.
    I dont know how long this type of modification takes. When do you think is realistic for you to roll out? I'm looking to submit starting today :D
  • SvenSven
    latest update should help to submit to any type of form, even newsletter signups only. However, you still have to define the fields in project that e.g. would identify the input you want to fill.
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