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Can anybody tell me how Captcha Breaker works?

I installed CB and GSA SER on my VPS, then run, but don't see CB works.
Questions:  where/how can verify they working each other?
I setting below correct or not?



  • SvenSven
    1. you don't need the webserver option from CB...just disable that.
    2. on SER click TEST -> Internal Captcha and it should show in CB log and also deliver a correct answer.
  • Thanks for your answer. 
    My project submitted with some links, but won't see any log about CB process, just notify when click TEST -> Internal Captcha
    Is that normal?

  • SvenSven
    What engines are your projects using? On that last verified listing I see only engines that are not even using captchas such as URL Redirects or Indexer links.
  • I'm using below.  If i'm wrong, tell me what engine need, i will test it only. Thanks

  • Thanks for your support, i saw it working. 
  • hendyhendy Jakarta
    Thanks for your support, i saw it working. 
    the answer is not helping
  • hendyhendy Jakarta
    i dont see any CB logs even i turn off the webserver. I bought for CB paid version. but kinda like doesn't work
  • SvenSven
    Is the TEST in options showing anything?
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