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How to Index redirected link created

Does anyone have a method how to index the link redirect we created? because I use the tool and I wait two month and not see in Moz or ahrefs


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    If you want to check if a link is indexed, you need to be doing a search for the url in Google. Moz and ahrefs have their own databases which are only a fraction of the size of googles database. They are both a very unreliable source for data. Incomplete and inaccurate.

    As for getting stuff indexed, you need to be pointing tiers at the link you want to be indexed in google. Or point indexed pages at the url, for example blog comments.

    In a 3 tier structure, the tier 1 link has the best chance of being indexed, the tier 2 link not so much and the tier 3 link has very little chance of being indexed, as it has no links pointing at it. Links with no backlinks are seen as unpopular links and are less likely to be indexed.

    Also, did you check that the root domain is atleast indexed in google? If it isn't, then you won't be able to index any urls from that domain.

    Did you just build a redirect link and then do nothing with it? Do you use any indexing/link crawling service to make sure googlebot crawls your link?

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