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Email address as login

Is there any way I can tell SER to save an email address as a login, instead of the login field? Some sites require an email address and password instead of login and password, and I would like the email to be exported with verified urls instead of the login that is created. Is this possible?


  • SvenSven
    can't you just set login=%your e-mail% ?
  • cherubcherub UK
    edited October 2021
    Do you mean like:

    default=%your e-mail%

    Will that conflict with other engines?
  • SvenSven
    I mean when you use the login, you should simply use %your e-mail% as macro.
  • Unfortunately not. The site I'm currently looking at needs a login, email and password to sign up, but to login you submit the email and password. Thinking of a workaround, I can use a separate variable to generate and store a login, like:


    But will something like this:

    must be filled=1
    default=%your e-mail%
    static=1 without conflicting with other engines that use a random login? I just need the email to be exported with verified urls, so we can re-login in the future after importing account details.
  • SvenSven
    just skip [login] completely and assign it directly via #gennick[XYZ,8,10] or %spinfile-names.dat%%random-1000-999%
    Whyn use %your e-mail% same as everywhere, you it will get exported as login with url:login:password anyway.
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  • Ok so if a [login] is not defined, then the email address will be exported instead then? That's good to know.
  • SvenSven
    yes, but make sure you use "static=1" in the [your e-mail] section.
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