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Please Help me a bit master GSA Ranker about indentified verified submitt fail

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Hi im newbies please be mercy me  
Im just try use 1 month 
i use GSA Ranker + GSA PI + GSA PR and put private dedi proxy in GSA PR 
but i need a bit help 

Im confuse about  option   indentified verified summitted fail 
what i have to use cause next times  i would like try scrape backlink by Hrefer

Please help me a bit master 

This my setting 


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited October 2021
    Those 4 folders identified, submitted, verified and failed are there to store/process up to 4 different lists at the same time. It's up to you how you want to use these.

    Main Settings:
    Personally I will only have the verified folder ticked, to ensure all verified links are saved to the verified folder. This should initially be an empty folder. Once you have a nice amount of verified links saved, you can start running your other projects from that same folder by also selecting the verified box in project settings. These projects will run quick. This is the only box that shoud be ticked to ensure verified links are saved.

    No point to have the other boxes ticked here. I set the location of each folder Identified, submitted and failed to point to 3 other folders containing different lists. Either purchased or scraped. These 3 boxes should always be unticked in main settings.

    Project Settings:

    You also have the same 4 folders in project settings. Choose the folders from which you want the project to process the urls from. Normally I only have the verified box ticked on all projects as this is where my verfiied urls are, the links that work.

    But I'll also have one project using just the identified folder, one project using submitted folder and one project using failed folder. These 3 folders will have 3 different lists in them. Either scraped lists or purchased lists. Doing it this way, it's pretty easy to see which list seller is good and which ones are poop lol Or even to test which scraped lists produced the most verfiied links.

    It also maintains the speed of the software. Projects that use the verified folder will run quick, so most projects should use this. The projects used to prcoess lists will run much slower depeending on if it's a raw scraped list (super slow) or a purchased list (hit and miss).
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  • Remember, there's a searchable manual available online @newbie[]=verified
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  • @sickseo
    Thank you so much Bro for your kind  i will try test as you advise 4 project try 1 for each 

    "identified, submitted, verified and failed"

    something if i ask something seem stupid im so sorry  im too new in seo and Gsa software  

    but i would like to try to learn this powerful software 

    @cherub Thank you so much Bro sometime im reading but not understand well 

    English is my native languese so that why im try to asking  :s
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