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how to fix "wrong engine detected" please advise me

where i have to edit like this picture 
any one please advise me 

Thank you so much 



  • SvenSven
    Nothing you can do about it. Some engines use the script like like "page must have=!forbidden content". Thats used to e.g. skip sumbmission to sites with certain captcha setups thats unsolvable automatically or content which would make later verification impossible. The submission simply stops here and moves on to a new site.

    Thats no error or things you or I can fix.
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    Thank you so much Bro @Sven  :D 
    You are My Hero 

    Can you advise me a bit My Hero
    I got GSA PI it possible to check  "DA  UR"  link before sent to GSA SER or not ?? and Do Follow No follow ??
  • SvenSven
    You can map DA and alike via PR EMulator, but Detection of Do/NoFollow is not possible.
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