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How to setup GSA project with multiple URL's using specific articles

I want to set up a project with 100 URLs. I would like to add a batch of articles for each URL so only these articles are used. Is this combination possible in the same project?
URL 1 -> Articles batch 1
URL 2 -> Articles batch 2
URL 3 -> Articles batch 3

Another approach:
For example, I can create 3 projects for 3 URLs from the same domain and this uses articles separately.
Given I will be buying/using verified lists to build article links for all projects/URLs, how do I make sure that GSA will not build links on the same domains for different projects?
This is going to be time-consuming and may not be feasible with 100's of URLs.


  • @Sven, I would love a response from you.

    To simplify what I am trying to do with GSA SER:

    I want to build links to a site(homepage and inner pages)
    and so on

    I want GSA SER to use apple related articles for and orange related articles for

    I do not want GSA SER to build links on the same sites from the verified lists I will be using for

    How do I create projects for this requirement? Is it possible? any workarounds?
  • SvenSven
    When SER submits, it will choose a random URL/Anchor. So you should define URL and Anchor in the URL-input field with url#anchor.
    Then when a URL/Anchor is chosen, it will also try to use the best article belonging to that anchor. If your anchor is "apple", it will for sure take an article where this is included and not the one with "orange".
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  • @Sven Thanks for the reply.

    That is some news for me knowing that GSA is smart enough to pick articles related to the url#anchor but as you know the example is easy to explain apple vs orange but in real-life scenario of website or scrapper/spun content I doubt GSA will pick related articles.

    Is there a way to ensure this by providing batch of articles per URL in GSA, the same way we do anchors per URL
  • or to better understand, how does GSA find what article is related to the URL it is trying to build link?
    Does it look for the keywords or anchors in the title or body of the article?
  • SvenSven
    yes it looks for the anchor in the article.
    if you have doubts  just use articles with links included and set the article manager to not add any new links.
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  • What if I use URL, brand, or generic anchor text for my links?
  • SvenSven
    it would try to use the original anchor when locating the best article to use.
  • edited October 14
    what if the article has a generic/URL as anchor? or if I want GSA SER to add anchors in my article as the article I input to GSA SER will not have any links?

  • SvenSven
    sorry, I simply don't understand your question.
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