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Should I EVER Use Spintax In Project Articles?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I know whether I write by hand, then use a spinner, correct the spintax, and post the spintax-formatted  article on a SER project, or if I use GSACG to create spun articles from scraped content that's been heavily modified, I could always filter the Content Generator articles by uniqueness instead of importing ALL, and instead of using spintax articles I wrote and spun, instead spin them out and only keep those that are highly unique and put THOSE only into SER projects.

So is there ever an application for using a spintax article in SER? I mean, it's really hand-edited so nothing ever sounds bad. It's just that, mathematically, most will not be so very unique, some will be not unique at all, and a few will also be very unique. I can get an endless supply of articles, but I guess it's that some won't really be considered unique content?

Is there an instance where one method or the other would be best? If so, why?

If I write longer articles, with more spintax, and I increase the total number of possible permutations, would THAT be the best use case for placing spintax articles in SER? I mean, an article with 999 quadrillion possible outcomes will still eventually have a distribution of uniqueness, with most articles being in the middle, no?

If anything, I know I don't have enough title variations. Really have to work on that, too..

Any help graciously appreciated. I know I have a lot of questions, but it's bc I have lots of confusion! :neutral:


  • SvenSven
    It's of course always better to have one unique article being submitted just ones.
    But I see no bad habit in adding spin syntax as long as it stays readable. I know that G. is probably already detecting spin syntax, but it's better than nothing.
    With GSA Content Generator you can generate a lot articles so it is an option to create articles and use them ones only without problems.
    Just my 2 cents to this topic. Im sure others have more input to it.

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