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T1 Link list

Does anyone have an updated list of links for Tier 1? There was a RX list around a few years back. Checking it out now, manually, some are no longer viable for linking. Thanks!


  • There was never a specific link list for Tier 1. If it was ever existed then it became redundant in the second it was shared publicly.

    You can use any site as your T1 link as long as it is reliably stay online for an elongated period of time.

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    "You can use any site as your T1 link as long as it is reliably stay online for an elongated period of time."

    That's the premise I had operated under for a while. But then I became wary....

    OK; I'm trying to understand why so many ppl DON'T just use SER for T1. Many ppl use other products to hit T1, like RankerX or SEREngines (within SER). Why?

    Is it just a matter of personal preference, as an SEO person?
  • Because most of the links SER creates die quickly due to sites going offline, webmasters clear automated accounts or whatever reasons.
    When you build a T1 link it generally doesn't worth anything because its a brand new page on the internet. To make it worth something it needs links. So you build T2 links to it. For the example sake:
    To make your worthless T1 link worth something with puny T2 links takes about 1000 T2.
    To push your website up a notch you may need 1000 T1 link. That means you have to build 1000 T1 and 1000 T2 links to each and every one to them which makes it 1.000.000 T2 links. Once you have done this you also need to index these links so you may need a service or build 10 links to each T2 links which makes 10.000.000 links.

    It takes time, effort and money to build that many links. So if one of your T1 site fails you loose all that effort in a blink and your site also lose ranking. We don't like that so we look for sites that don't kill our T1 links especially at times when google needs months to establish rankings.

    I have sites that use SER for T1. You have to make competitor research and if you find that they don't have a strong backlink portfolio you can rank or even outrank them with SER alone.

    I can't stress you enough how important is to make a competitor research and set up your strategy accordingly instead of just shooting in the dark with little to no idea what you are doing.
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    I really can't thank you enough.  This is extremely helpful to me.

    All this time, yes, I've been running blindly, afraid of bogeyman "penalties," just throwing links at targets and watching KW positions and getting scared any time there was upward movement in the SERPs.

    I am looking at competitors now, and it makes sense they are outperforming my ms in the SERPs. They have more links/link weight! I stopped running GSA for a bit, my old computer ended up messed up and I took way too long setting up the new one.

    I guess my big thing was a fear that if I use SER on T1 I will receive a penalty. This is starting to seem unlikely, for the most part. When my rankings dropped, it was more likely losing links. Instead, I feared it was GSA somehow, and slowed down even more.

    I have a license for GSA Keyword Research Tool. I also use Majestic. I like the feature that allows visualization of links. I once had SEMRush, and I also know SEO Spyglass is a favorite of some. I wanted to use a rank-tracker within SER, but still haven't decided. What other tools do I need to keep track of competitors?
  • I don't really care about competitors much more than the initial backlink portfolio research on ahrefs.

    I check what type of links they have so I can determine what tools to use to build links (pbn, ser, web2.0,...),
    Since when they are doing their what they are doing so I can estimatehow many links I need and what link velocity I need to aim (eg links/day).

    Keeping track of competitors only matters when you do whitehat link building and trying hard to convince bloggers to include your blogs too. Otherwise everyone does the same. Maybe it's worth checking upon them every now and than or when they still float after a google update.

    Majestic I use to check if a domain worth buying for my PBN
    I used to use Scrapebox rank tracker but nowdays I use none because it needs proxies that I don't always have. I only check google analytics for traffic. That's more important than ranking.

    I also have GSA keyword research tool but I don't currently use it for anything. Maybe I should.
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    I'd recommend seo powersuite for sure. Been using it for just over a year, mainly for the rank tracker module which has a really good keyword research/management module with it. Tracking rankings as you build links is definitely recommended as this is how I see which campaigns produce bigger rankings boost. For example, testing a 3 tier pyramid with 13 projects vs a 3 tier pyramid with 111 projects. They produce very different results in rankings but you can only see this if you track your rankings daily. Or running the same template with 3 keywords vs 100 keywords. Both scenarios produce very different results in rankings.

    As for competitor research, I don't really bother with it. There are so many keywords in my niches, especially long tail keywords, that anything can be ranked with tiers from gsa. One word and two word phrases are normally the difficult ones. As the length of words increase to 3 or 4 words, rankings get easier to move up. 5 words+ are super duper easy to rank for with good on page seo and tiers from GSA. So no need really to do competitor research. Just get good at deploying campaigns that move rankings up and focus on the easier keywords, namely longtails.

    As for penalties, it's only on page seo that you can get penalised for or suffer rank drops from. As a webmaster, you are in sole control of your site and it's on page seo, so google will hold you accountable. No ssl, or slow loading site, non mobile responsive are all key on page seo factors that can negatively effect your rankings. Hidden text, duplicate content, keyword stuffing and malware can all have negative effects on rankings and certainly lead to penalties of sorts.

    Off page seo will not harm your site or produce rank penalties. There are sites out there with high risk of penalties, but using gsa won't produce these types of links to your money site. I have seo spyglass which analyses your backlinks and risk of penalty. All my sites and client sites have zero links with any risk of penalty. I've been using the software direct to money site for over 8 years. Really, it's not an issue to use GSA to money site. The bad stuff you read online about this software is written by numpties with zero experience of using the software. Or at the very least they tried and failed to have success with it. Because they don't understand automated link building and the flaws that come with it. Link loss is the biggest flaw of automated link building.

    Rank drops are directly related to link loss. When you start with a new site, you have zero rankings. Once you build some tiers, you see your site move into the top 50 and if you keep building tiers, your site keeps moving up to page 1. If you stop building tiers or stop building links all together, your rankings will drop over the coming weeks/months. Simply because your links are disappearing off the internet and once that page with your lost link gets crawled again by google and gets updated, it impacts your rankings.

    So you need a process to stay ahead of the link loss. Basically you need to keep powering up your live links for as long as you want to keep those page 1 rankings. A tool I'd definitely recommend for maintaining/monitoring the link loss is Backlink Monitor by Inspyder Software.
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