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Adding proxies from custom list without testing...


so I've been struggling with this for past few weeks and I can't seem to get around it...

I've bought private proxies, it would get updated 5% every 5 minutes... with that in mind I have two questions...

1. Can I just auto load proxies from the list into GSA without testing them (I want to add them as proxies to be used without testing)? Even if I uncheck "test proxies" and load them, it seems like they wouldn't get added... they would be on the list but it would say untested next to them.

The main issue I have is that IP list is quite big and from testing I did 95% of IPs are online, rescanning 100k IPs every 5 minutes is kinda unproductive.

2. If proxies are added without testing and would fail while GSA is using them for posting or whatever... would GSA still mark them as bad and remove them?
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