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weird utf-8 verify submission problem

edited September 23 in Need Help
Hello @Sven
There is one strange problem when I try to verify my links. I can show you one example.
I'm using this in [REGISTER_STEP1]:

verify submission=1
verify by=txturl
verify url=http://%login%.loxblog [dot] com
verify search for=ایمیل مدیر
first verify=0
verify interval=1
verify timeout=1
verify on unknown status=1

The web 2.0 is built successfully: hectormccra.loxblog [dot] com
But it can not be verified with the phrase available in "verify search for"

while that phrase is available at the source:

This also happens for submit failed and success and captcha failed when I try to use exact utf-8 text.
Thank you!


  • I've never had success with non-english utf-8 chars, I've always had to try and find appropriate html code/tags to use to identify successful submissions
  • AliTabAliTab
    Thank you @cherub, I'm also doing the same but sometimes it's not working and I don't know if It's my own fault. For now, I also checked this:

    verify search for=<input type="text" name="q"

    this one is also available at the source:

    but It can not be verified again:

    I have to play around with different "verify check for" to see if it's possible to verify.

  • SvenSven
    "verify search for" is the wrong place ... you need to put that into "submit success=..."
  • AliTabAliTab
    edited September 23
    Sven said:
    "verify search for" is the wrong place ... you need to put that into "submit success=..."
    If I don't use "verify search for", it will check if my URL is on that page or not. The engine is for one web 2.0 and it's not going to put my URL in the first post.

  • SvenSven
    edited September 23
    verify by=txturl << change that to verify by=text only.
    Thanked by 1AliTab
  • AliTabAliTab
    Nice Sven. Now it's working fine. Thank you
    It would be great to be added to the script manual.

  • SvenSven
    updated it.
    Thanked by 1AliTab
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