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LinkList, email, captcha suggestion.

Hello mates,

I am facing some issues "awaiting account verification"

I need some suggestions from you guys... What service I should use & what is not in terms of posting articles.

I need suggestions for email, captcha, linklist. Any GSA users with any feedback are welcome.


  • You'll always get 'awaiting account verification' issues as many spammed sites do not send out their verification emails or are misconfigured. Forget them and move on. If you find any that you can register and post on manually then they can be collected for refining the engines. accounts still work fine for me with SER, and a combination of GSA CB and 2captcha for captchas. There are many link lists available in the Buy / Sell / Trade section of this forum. You're best off asking each supplier for recent stats and how many of your engines of choice they have in their lists.
  • I am not using link lists but use GSA's scraper and Scrapebox to find target sites.

    Captchas are solved by with a 80 % success rate.

    For E-Mail accounts, I am using our own (GSA dedicated) email-server. This allows the use of *.DE/.*AT/.CH email addresses for my German projects which I feel are more likely accepted than generic adresses from free mailers.
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