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For PBN Posting

Does the GSA support PBN posting? If yes then how?


  • SvenSven
    edited September 8
    prepare a file with the content below and right click on the project->modify project->import->account data
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    i think this step is after project setup. What engine should i select during project creation? 
  • SvenSven
    all the engines that your accounts are based on.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    here is the error message and i got this error message from almost 40% website :

    its able to identify the engine, also able to login but fail to submit the article. Do you know the reason or how could i solve the issue.
  • SvenSven
    sounds like something SER submits is not good formated. Did you use CharSpinning options or any other strange things? Maybe you can use the debug mode and record one article submission and send me the logs?
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    i use wordai and i believe it does not have such thing. i will send you debug log file for your review.
  • SvenSven
    But SER can also use's a project option.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    I will send you to debug file in a personal message. Two weird things happened during my submission.

    1. GSA can identify the engine and even can log in here, too but can not post.
    2. GSA can identify the engine, log, and even post, but that post is not live; and I logged in to my website personally, and I did not see any post. 
    Check my debug file and let me know. For further investigation, if you want my website access, just let me know.

  • SvenSven
    this has to wait till next week when im back from vacation
  • What engines do you use @slrana ?
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    WordPress xmlrpc
  • Is there any news on this?
  • SvenSven
    Yes, Im about to release an update today with some fixes on wordpress engine.
  • Great! It seems like working fine although there are two little glitches.
    1. It seems like SER is creating a new category for the posts. The new category that ser creates is the same as I set but within brackets so instead of "Uncategoriezed" it looks like "{Uncategorized}". It also posts the article under the category set by me.
    2. I have <img src="url"> set in the articles. This gets removed while posting so there is no image included with the posts.
    3. I've got one site that didn't get posted to still. The log says 09:56:52: [-] 1/1 required variable "url" was not used in form. I've attached the log about it.

  • Have you looked into this @Sven?

  • I've looked into the not successful posting and it turned out to be because of wordpress' gutenberg editor. It seems that SER can't post with the new gutenberg editor turned on. I've installed a plugin called "Classic Editor" and the post went through. Maybe you can have a look into the possibility of creating a new engine to post with gutenberg or updating the wp article engine. Wordpress is pushing for the gutenberg editor more and more with each update as a default option. When site owners update their wordpress sites gutenberg is the default option and without installing a plugin there is no way to post there. It's not a problem when managing our own sites but SER will miss out on all the others out there in the linklists.

    The first and the second points are still a problem.
  • SvenSven
    Yea I know the problem with this new editor. I will try to add some engine that works with it.
  • SvenSven
    1. Will fix that in next update.
    2. Fixed as well in next update.
    3. I think I will need the account for this to debug. Is that provided link actually correct?
  • The number 3 was because of the gutenberg editor. Once I installed the classic editor plugin ser was able to post. I can give you an account though if you want to, no problem.
  • SvenSven
    yes, that would be perfect to code on that new wordpress engine.
  • I've sent you two sites in private message. Also I'd like to mention that SER doesn't remove links. I don't know if this is engine related or some underlying process causes it but for some time link removal doesn't really works. It would be useful to have it back especially for pbn managing.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    Is there any way to save wp logging access permanently for any new project? It's really annoying to put access again and again.
  • @Sven please you said the issues stated will be fixed on the next update,
    that is regarding the wordpress engines and the other problems highlighted in 1,2,3
    should we expert those changes in this new update?
  • SvenSven
    3 is not fixed and I will work on that next week, but the other points are.
  • @Sven please any tips /ideas on how to get tumblr engines created or get tumblr accounts created ,i had some tumblr accounts scraped somewhere and would like to import them and created some sort of pbn with them on gsa ser if that's possible please
  • SvenSven has that site added I think.
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