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Connect GSA Content Generator with GSA SER Project

Hello folks,

unfortunately I am not getting anywhere at this point. I have generated articles with GSA Content Generator and exported them to my project that I created in GSA SER. When I open the project, the articles are not present in the article manager.

Unfortunately I have not found any instructions on how to do this. All I can find, it only shows how to export the articles to GSA SER project in GSA Content Generator. But what to do then in GSA SER Article Manager, I find nothing.

I hope that you can help me at this point. I would be very grateful for it!


  • I think it's been taken care of. I unzipped the exported zip file, after that it was displayed in GSA SER. No idea why it is not done right away. Or is there another way?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hmm...I'm at this point and testing this feature right now.

    Can't get anywhere with it. I'd assume that if things were working, we'd see the articles in the folder.

    You might have create a zip checked. I do not. Not sure.. :|
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