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API integration for plagiarism detection

Svin, I wanted to propose an integration.

I believe it is very interesting for all of us.

And it will be the first program to have this function, and I believe it is not so difficult to integrate.

Well, let's go...

When I go to scrape articles, I like to do Mix Sentences and then start rewriting by hand, that way I can get good, quality content.

And depending on the content, I play for my money site.

And some others that don't look so good, I play for TIER 2 or TIER 3 tier, it will depend a lot on the content and how unique and good it looked.

However, there is one thing that is annoying, and that is that you have to exit the CONTENT GENERATOR program and go to another tool to detect plagiarism.

And there are several Plagiarism API that can analyze the text and identify the similar documents.

The document will be analyzed automatically and a score will be calculated.

So we will have a totally more unique content.

And the good thing is, I don't have to leave the program and don't waste time on it.

I will just focus on writing, writing, and writing.

And when I'm done, I know that my content is extremely unique and of great quality.

See some API links

It is a nice feature.

No other program on the market does it like this.

And with that, even the most experienced copywriters will be interested.


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    What about Check CopyScape feature?
    (right-click on in articles pane after highlighting one/some/all)
  • denverfixdenverfix Brasil
    edited August 2021
    Deeeeeeee disse:
    E sobre o recurso Check CopyScape?
    (clique com o botão direito no painel de artigos após destacar um / alguns / todos)

    Yes, I have.

    Also, it is much more expensive than the others.

    It charges for 2,527 words would cost $0.27.

    I think this is quite expensive for someone who creates a lot of content.

    And the idea would be to have plagiarism in the text editor.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanked by 1Deeeeeeee
  • SvenSven
    it would be interesting to know how good they are on one defined sample text before i consider adding them.
    Thanked by 1Deeeeeeee
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